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China Trademark Application

According to China Trademark Law Article 18, Any foreign person or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark or for any other matters concerning a trademark in China shall appoint any trademark agencies which are established legally.

The Application Materials:

  • Trademark demo (For colored trademark, please offer colored demo): jpg, pdf, png
  • Interpretation for trademark: explain its meaning or origin, need not to explain if doesn’t have one.
  • Goods & Services: the goods or services items that designated.
  • The certificate of identity for applicants: passport (for individual); business license (for other business entities); all the paper need to be translated into Chinese.
  • Applicant’s address: for individual applicant, please offer a contact address; for other business entities, please offer the registered address on the business license.

Without clear instruction, the your application will be regard as a China registration, it doesn’t include Hong Kong & Taiwan. Because Hong Kong & Taiwan are belong to China, but they have their own laws or regulations on trademarks, so if you want to expand your trademark protection in those two regions, additional applications need to be applied.

Trademark application package – $990* (Include China/Hong Kong/Taiwan)

  • Preparation & Filing of Your Trademark Application
  • Tracking & Monitoring of Your Trademark Application
  • Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions
  • Mailing Your Trademark Registration Certificate


Plus the government filing fee (China official fee: $50; Hong Kong official fee: $258; Taiwan official fee: $180

Apply for registration is the first step to protect your trademark rights in China, because China adopts principle of “first to file”, it’s quite different to the principle of “first to use” which adopted in other countries. The experiences of trademark protection in those countries should not be reference when you require trademark protection in China.

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