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China Trademark Opposition

Administration in charge of opposition: China Trademark Office (CTMO)

The active opposition proceeding

The active opposition proceeding refers that your trademark is squatted by other third party in China and its already been published, meanwhile, you are planning to market China with your products or services in the same class as the squatted mark, so you make an active action which is the opposition application to prevent your trademark from being squatted.

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The passive opposition proceeding

The passive opposition proceeding refers that your trademark is filed in China and it is opposed by others when it is published, at this time, your trademark is going into a passive opposition proceeding.

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Administration in charge of opposition review: Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB)

The opposition view proceeding

The opposition review proceeding refers to the action of applying for opposition review to TRAB for requesting adjudication on CTMO’s previous decision, when you refuse to obey the CTMO’s decision on your opposition case.

Usually ,the opposition review is a remedy for saving your trademark rights when the result of opposition is not good for you,. However, in some cases the result is good for you, but you still need to apply for the opposition review…(see more in the BLOG “The Importance of Trademark Opposition”)