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Registering your copyright greatly enhances your legal protections against infringement.


Our Copyright Registration pricing includes: Copyright Registration
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Official filing fee*
Standard Application
$ 50.00
Electronic filing
We will file your copyright registration application with the CHINA Copyright Office.
Text Translation
We provide bilingual translation in English and Chinese.

How do I get copyright protection for my work?

Getting copyright protection is actually quite straightforward. The US Copyright Office explains that your artistic work is copyrighted “the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form,” which means, basically: your work is copyrighted the moment it’s created. Publication—whether by a record label, a newspaper, or simply online—can help you prove infringement in the event it occurs.

Should I register a copyright with the China government?

Since your work is copyrighted the moment it’s created, you might wonder what the purpose of the China Copyright Registry is. Simply put, registering your copyright is the surest way to prove authorship of your work and is a vital step if you want to bring an infringement lawsuit against another party. In fact, you can’t bring a lawsuit to court without registering.


It will take 6 to 8 months from entrusting CTPLO to China Copyright Office’s issurance of the certificate.

  • Complete our simple, easy to understand questionnaire.
  • We’ll assemble your copyright registration application.
  • We’ll file your completed application with the China Copyright Office.

Copyrights protect books, songs, photographs, software,and other original works of authorship. Registering a copyright allows you to establish a public record of the copyright claim and gives you the ability to enforce your copyright in China court. When you register a copyright through CTPLO, the copyright cost includes review of your copyright application for completeness and consistency, electronic filing of your application, and the submission of your materials with the China Copyright Office.