Trademark Refusal & Analysis

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If you received an Refusal Notice of your trademark from China Trademark Office, firstly, please consider about the importance and necessity of this mark. If the mark is not your major brand or you have an alternative mark, then you do not need to response to the Official Refusal Notice and you can file for a new trademark.

If the refused trademark is quite important to you and you are eagerly to have it registered in China, you should do a deep analysis on the Refusal Notice and conclude the arguments with legal basis. The arguments with legal basis will help you to gain the final registration.

To know more about the detailed suggestions, please visit article “What if my trademark is refused/rejected in China?”

A professional analysis may resurrect your trademark!

Trademark Refusal Analysis includes:

  • Check the referenced articles of law in the Refusal Notice and judge the ppropriateness
  • Check the validity of the cited prior marks which cause the refusal
  • Methods and advice for overcoming the cited prior marks
  • A detailed and elaborate Analysis Report
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