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Category: IP Knowledge

Notice on updating the names of goods and services items acceptable beyond the List of Similar Goods and Services

The names of goods and services items acceptable beyond The List of Similar Goods and Services, according to the relevant arrangements, are now updated and announced, in accordance with the requirements for the reform of the trademark registration fa[…]Read full blog

Ways, application documents and fees of trademark applications in China

Where a foreigner or foreign enterprise desires to file trademark registration or other trademark matters in China, it shall retain a lawfully established trademark agency. But if the foreigner or foreign enterprise has habitual residence or business[…]Read full blog

Interpretation on “Other Improper Means” Described in Paragraph 1 Article 44 of China Trademark Law

There is no definition for “bad faith” in China Trademark Law. Only some descriptions such as “registrations obtained with ill will”, “improper means” are in the articles. In December 2016, China Trademark Office (CTMO) and Trademark Review and Adjud[…]Read full blog
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