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Deeply Promoting Trademark Registration Facilitation, Well Creating Sound Brand Development Environment

On September 29, TECC (Shanghai) started to operation. Zhang Mao, Secretary of SAIC Party Committee and Minister of SAIC opened the Center. On the same date, SAIC jointly with Shanghai Government signed agreement to implement trademark and brand strategy cooperation. Zhang Mao, the minister, and Ying Yong, the mayor witnessed the signing ceremony and respectively delivered a speech. Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC, and Xu Kunlin, vice mayor of Shanghai Government signed the agreement.

  Zhang Mao in his speech showed the thanks on behalf of SAIC to Shanghai Party Committee, Shanghai Government, Xuhui District Party Committee and Xuhui District Government for their great attentions and supports on the preparation of TECC (Shanghai). He indicated the jointly signing trademark and brand strategy implementation agreement between SAIC and Shanghai Government was a great measure to carry out CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s deployment on brand building and to serve China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone and to build global influenced science and technology innovation center. The opening of Shanghai Center was SAIC’s important action to deepen trademark registration facilitation reform and to implement cooperation agreement.

  Zhang Mao introduced with the constant deepening of business system reform, a great many market entities emerged and brought in the annually 30% increase of trademark application volume. It was estimated that total applications this year would reach 5 million, accounting to 40 % of world total volume. Facing the daily greater examination time limit pressure, SAIC would like to further promote trademark facilitation reform, strengthen trademark information system building, comprehensively utilize high technology, optimize trademark examination procedure, accelerate TECC building in other cities except for Beijing, shorten examination time limit and improve trademark examination efficiency. By the end of this year, time limit would be shortened from 9 months to 8 months, and to 6 months at the end of next year to facilitate enterprises’ trademark registration. At the mean time, SIC would like to strengthen the protection on trademarks, crack down infringements and counterfeiting, and protect consumers and operations’ legitimate interests.

  Zhang Mao stressed SAIC and Shanghai Government would like to promote Shanghai to be national trademark registration facilitation reform pilot area, and to promote trademark and brand effective utilization and collection, explore the promotion of IP comprehensive management reform, promote trademark and brand overseas development, strengthen trademark exclusive rights protection, enhance trademark professional talent cultivation, jointly build trademark and brand research and cooperation system. He hoped Shanghai AICs and market supervision departments to comprehensively deploy duties and functions, to make breakthrough in regional IP protection and to foster sound trademark and brand development environment.

      Ying Yong in his speech expressed the opening of TECC (Shanghai) and the signing of agreement between SAIC and Shanghai Government were not only one big issue in Shanghai IP development but also promote Shanghai trademark and brand building to a new level. He stressed Shanghai to take the responsibility of trademark registration and brand protection, to foster an open, inclusive, interweaving government working system, to comprehensively deploy each party’s duties and obligations, to fully utilizing social resources, to practically foster trademark and brand building system where enterprises as the main body, market as the major orientation, government as the main force to drive, associations to promote and public to participate, in order to create a new development for Shanghai trademark and brand strategy implementation.

  During the staying in Shanghai, Zhang Mao visited TECC (Shanghai), investigated business system reform and the supervision in process and afterwards in Caohejing Development Zone Administration Service Center and visited YITU tech (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

  According to the agreement, SAIC and Shanghai Government would develop cooperation in eight areas including to build communication mechanism, to clarify work assignment, to jointly promote trademark registration facilitation reform, to promote Shanghai implementing trademark and brand strategy, to promote trademark and brand effective utilization and collection, to explore IP comprehensive administration reform, to promote trademark and brand overseas development, to strengthen trademark exclusive rights protection, to enhance trademark professional talent cultivation, and to jointly build trademark and brand research cooperation, in order to construct Shanghai to be national trademark and brand strategy implementation demonstration area, trademark and brand development and protection pilot zone, and radiating east China and serving whole country’s trademark and brand development center.

  Relevant staffs from SAIC internal departments, and Shanghai government joined the opening.

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