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Liu Represents CNIPA Visiting PRV and Signed a Trademark Cooperation Agreement

Liu Junchen, member of the CPC Leading Group of the State Administration for Market Regulation of China, Secretary of CPC Leading Group and Deputy Commissioner of China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), visited Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) as representative of CNIPA on October 15, 2018(local time). Liu met Peter Strömbäck, Director General of PRV. Liu made a deep communication with Peter Strömbäck on issues of IP development in China and Sweden, intellectual property, trademark examination and future cooperation between CNIPA and PRV. After that, the two sides the Memorandum of Understanding between China National Intellectual Property Administration and Sweden Patent and Registration Office (Updated).

China Intellectual Property Administration had kept a long-term friendly relations of exchange and cooperation with PRV since 1988. The two parties added trademark cooperation in the new agreement on the basis of original patent and design cooperation. And both sides want to seize the opportunity to strengthen cooperation in trademark registrationtrademark protection, information exchanges and so on.

Peter Strömbäck expressed his welcome to the delegation and indicated that technology developed increasingly and he hopes the cooperation between Sweden and China in the fields of intellectual property could get better integrate with the development trend.

Afterwards, the two sides held a round-table conference in the fields of trademark. Experts of the two countries in the filed of trademark made a deep exchanges and discussion on latest development of intellectual property works, trend of China-Europe trademark law development, trademark examination judicial protection and so on.

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