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Liu Junchen at the second Trademark Review Conference in 2018: shortening the trademark registration cycle and promoting the development of brand economy


The second Trademark Review Conference in 2018

The second Trademark Review Conference in 2018 was held in Jinan, Shandong on July 13. Liu Junchen, secretary and deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the State Intellectual Property Office will conscientiously implement the requirements of streamlining government and optimizing services, comprehensively promote the implementation of various tasks of the three-year plan, significantly shorten the trademark registration cycle, strive to modernize the trademark registration and management system, effectively optimize the business environment, promote the development of the brand economy, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brands, to make due contributions to accelerating the construction of intellectual property power.

Liu Junchen said that in the first half of this year, the reform of the trademark registration facilitation has achieved new results, the efficiency and quality of the review have been steadily improved, and the trademark registration cycle has been shortened to 7 months; the level of trademark informatization has been effectively improved, and the entire electronic trademark registration process has achieved new breakthroughs; the capability of the examiners for trademark review and coordination has been comprehensively strengthened and improved. He pointed out that in the second half of the year, we should continue to maintain a good momentum and strive to move forward. With institutional reform, we will take the trademark registration facilitation reform as a starting point and strive to shorten the trademark review cycle. First, we should further reform and rationalize the relevant system and mechanism, aim at optimizing the business environment, and better stimulate the vitality and motivation of market entities; second, we should increase the application of modern information and technology and continuously improve the informationization level of review; the third is to strengthen personnel management and quality control, and to manage efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and development properly.

Liu Junchen emphasized that the trademark management department of the State Intellectual Property Office should carry the responsibility for organizing and coordinating, guide the reasonable increase of trademark applications, give an overall plan to the trademark information construction, build an intelligent trademark review information system, improve the trademark review standards, strengthen the inspection work, improve the all-faceted trademark service, guide enterprises to establish their own brands, strengthen trademark protection, and create a high-quality and efficient full-chain service platform.

The relevant person in charge of  the SIPO, the Personnel Department, the Trademark Office, the Trademark Review and Cooperation Center, and the heads of some provincial and municipal trademark management departments attended the meeting and exchanged experiences over the trademark review work.

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